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  2. Ayye. 👫

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    by poderesbueno from Instagram http://ift.tt/YUI8KZ

    ⌚️ my fav color of my fav collection of one of my fav brands. Lolz.

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    Well Travelled: Chùa Hương (aka) Perfume Pagoda. Photo by Rishad Daroo.


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    Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse ‘Infrared’

    Zayummm!! Ayyee. 👞🗼

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    Please pop over to take a look at our new Spring/Summer ‘14 Lookbook!


    Hahaha, this is so me if I were to model! The whole time I’m like; “😃😊 lets wear these clothes! Ooh, I’m a model.” Lolz.

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